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. the stable and secure energy supply is very important to any countries continued economic development and quilts and taiwan is no exception. on today's program. where do i get to have a conversation with captain alan sheehan who was the chairman of tone fine institution for economic research and also a specialist on any key policies in taiwan. welcome to the program back to them in any case. the internet and used to climb a good idea to p g a o i need to prove that it's busy. as i stated that the melon the beginning a stable and secure energy supply is very important when many countries continue quilts and develop. and the new start off the program to date but timeless what is the current anti structure for tile wall units. i think i'm that kind of tennis tickets in hand. allstate is the kind that sees the prize structure of whom allah. it's as part of cocaine on the line it's the heidi taiwan's the heidi keep and use long to high importance he moved to utah to ninety mile walk ons full ninety two percent. one photo and just cried moon and another cool the deck to fall off the card co
such as utilities, power, and energy. it is believed that these sectors will be benefiting from the policies at the meeting. on the other hand, investors were also taking profits in sectors such as the free trade zone-related sectors. analysts are telling us the markets are sadly preparing for the what if scenario in case the policy meeting disappoints. investors are also waiting for the official china pmi for october, which is expected to hit a 1.5 year high tom according to a reuters poll. >> we will continue to wait with you. the feeling, thank you for joining us live from shanghai to discuss the health of the chinese banking industry. the partner of greater china elite, a leader at ernst & young in beijing, weighed in with me and whether beijing is more worried about this credit or bad loans. >> i wouldn't think the government is very much worried about bad loans, too much money in the system. they just try to control the pace of the growth into a more healthy pace. that means they want their business to grow, but they want the business to grow at a more healthy pace, and also, to be mor
overplayed the threat of proposed controls in a province that is energy rich. what are the facts? how will the new leadership react? on the eve of a major party conference, how far will reforms go in a nation whose phenomenal growth comes at the cost of major social upheaval? today, we are looking at the question of, what is -- was it a suicide attack in tiananmen square? here to talk about it, wei aoyu who teaches history at la sorbonne nouvelle university. thank for being with us. alice ekman of ifriational relations. from nottingham, steve tsang, professor of contemporary chinese studies. thank you for joining us. you have been weighing in on the conversation on facebook and twitter. chinese authorities have not labeled it a terror attack. initial reports say it was a traffic accident. those have been all but ruled out. eyewitnesses describe the vehicle. it drove into a pedestrian area, weaving through the crowds, hitting terrorists and police. slamming into a bridge. then, exploding. >> it is hard to explain. the car just seemed to appear. nobody noticed it. we were standing there
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)